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  • 10 Lessons per level
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  • App for iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™ tablets and smartphones.
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo devices
  • Share with 3 household members and use on up to 4 devices
  • Free eBook - Dr. Pimsleur's classic book "How to Learn a Foreign Language" (a $10.99 value)
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* For a limited time, you can get the same great course in digital format for the special price of $99.95-- a $245.00 savings off the CD list price. Now, play your 30-minute Pimsleur lessons on Amazon Echo devices and automatically sync progress with the Pimsleur App.

* Proficiency Guarantee Terms & Conditions: follow the instructions included with the course and complete the 30 lessons, plus the Reading Lessons (or Culture Notes). Contact Language Line, an independent tester, (, and register to take the test.
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* 30-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee is limited to Digital and CD product purchases made directly from  Pimsleur Language Programs and does not include return shipping for CDs. You are responsible for all return shipping costs.
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* Rosetta Stone / Pimsleur Comparison Chart:
(1) Rosetta Stone core lessons require interacting with screen of an electronic device. (2) Immediately during the first lesson, Pimsleur lessons mimic the back-and-forth of a natural and organic conversation; whereas, Rosetta Stone’s Speech Recognition Technology evaluates a user’s pronunciation. (3) "No cultural information. Language taught out of context.” source:,2817,2381692,00.asp (4) $124: list price for Rosetta Stone per level when purchased individually directly from compared to digital download prices for individual Pimsleur levels. (5) Immersion only. No English instructions.

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